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Madeline Stuart launches her brand 21 Reasons Why

On 12 February 2017, in front of a packed audience at New York Fashion Week, Madeline officially added “clothing designer” to her already impressive resume with the launch of her clothing label 21 Reasons Why.

The name of her brand was inspired by her passion to find reasons to better ourselves, be more inclusive, healthier, and why we should celebrate life, whilst taking pride in her 21st chromosome. Maddy’s mission is to continue to spread her message of inclusion; that there are no boundaries regardless of your age, size, race, height, or disability.

21 Reasons Why mirrors Maddy’s own daily style that she wears off the runway. A contemporary, edgy women’s ready-to-wear collection, perfect for day wear and yet trendy and versatile for an evening out on the town.

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Here’s a video of her official runway launch: